Antriksh Urban Greek – Home in Delhi


As the concept of smart city has been buzzing all over the country, there have been a lot of investments in real estate, especially the recognized areas in Delhi. There are many people who are looking for quality apartments and houses in these recognized areas. The smart city project is one of the most ambitious projects in the country.
One such area that has been very much popular among the people is the urban Greek Dwarka L project. This area is known for its reach all over the city. There are many things and elements that make the urban greek L Zone project one of the topmost in the priority list of the builders and the consumers. Some of the points that make L zone Dwarka the topmost area in the smart city listed areas are as follows:

  •  The L zone Dwarka is very much close to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Being near to an international airport itself is a huge advantage. There are many businessmen who look for houses near to the airport and this place is the perfect place for those people.
  •  There are many zones in Delhi as per the smart city plan. And according to DDA, the L zone Dwarka is the largest of all the zones and that is why is listed in the top of the smart city area list.
  •  There are many facilities such as hospitals and banks that make this area very much suitable and popular among the buyers and the builders.